Landing pages for the undecided

3 min readMay 10, 2021


Helping early stage startups with their online presence.

Building landing pages is almost an exact science nowadays. As a freelancer, it is in your advantage to adapt your client’s content to proven successful patterns and deliver fast. Let’s explore how you can do this efficiently for early stage startups.

In the very early stages, startup companies have great pitches and even greater ambitions but not a very clear focus on building a compelling landing page that clearly describes their services. This method will help you achieve a great landing page in minutes.

Warning: this is as difficult as making a sandwich


There’s no winning combination but I found out that these tools help me achieve great results in almost no time. It takes literally minutes to prepare:

Images: great websites need even greater images. and are perfect places for high quality copyright free images

Illustrations: and are my favourite, but there’s a lot of free to use illustration projects on the web

Image composition: it doesn’t have to be complicated, just use a presentation software. Google Slides, PowerPoint or Keynote work just fine for now. You can make more refined graphics with a photo editing app after the first review with your client.

Website builder: you could code but there’s a faster, better way. I built Pazly to help you achieve great results, in no time, without even coding. It’s the fastest way to put images and text together into amazing landing pages, which you own and can sell to your clients.

Review tool: Dropbox works best for this because it renders the HTML generated from Pazly. Your clients can review and add comments.


Start from your clients pitch. It describes the value proposition in a clear way and you also get hints into what’s the problem they tackle, what’s their solution & who are the founders. It can be that, at this point, they don’t have a good marketing strategy or some extended copy that you can use for the websites.

Go to and sign up for the pro account. This will give you access to 80+ editable web blocks that you can mix into a great looking landing page template.

A screenshot from the Pro version of used on a laptop

Drag and drop web blocks. Fill in the headings with the pieces of text from the startup pitch.

Search for a compelling image or open up a presentation and compose a visual slide that describes the text in the heading.

If you don’t have an extended copy brief, leave out the extra text as a placeholder and make sure to ask your clients on review time what you should replace it with. This will get them thinking.


Download your website from Pazly and upload it to Dropbox. Share the link with your clients and ask for a review.

About Pazly

Pazly is a visual development tool for landing pages and websites. It allows users to quickly build and iterate through multiple versions of their website.

Everything you build belongs to you and there’s no strings attached. Ideally you are a freelancer who builds presentations and landing pages for your clients and wants to achieve high quality results in little time. Sign up to Pazly today