• Ertugrul Bayindir

    Ertugrul Bayindir

  • Ghirardi Nicola

    Ghirardi Nicola

    R&D Data Engineer, Coderdojo Parma, continuos Learner.

  • Joerg Esser

    Joerg Esser

    Believing in the #power of #simplicity - passionate about simplifying #business by seizing #digital opportunities - inspired by #physics

  • Alexander Buzin

    Alexander Buzin

    πŸš€ Technical founder & startup enthusiast. 10+ years in the IT industry. Featured on hackernoon & TechCrunch

  • HeadFunder


    HeadFunder is a new and innovative social crowdfunding platform. We are determined to give back and help our future generations! Are you in?

  • The Bearded

    The Bearded

  • Notion Data

    Notion Data

    The analytics platform for teams running SaaS. The single easiest way to ensure your team is making the right decisions.

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