Building website templates for Web3 projects with Pazly

Cool … but what’s Pazly?

Pazly is a static website builder that does not require you to have coding skills in order to make beautiful websites for your NFT and Web3 projects. The aim is to enable creative types to stand out from the vast set of NFT offerings in the most popular market places.

Ok, how is this different from all other website builders?

With Pazly you own everything you build. It does not matter if you are making your own website of freelancing for others. All you create with Pazly belongs to you.

So, you said templates. How do I start?

You are reading this on a developer blog, chances are you are familiar, or at least not afraid to code. Let’s use this super power of yours for good … the good of helping all the artists and creators who will buy your template and customize it with Pazly.

The initial screen of Pazly FREE with a blank canvas in the middle

Let’s build some cool stuff

The best way to start is to commit to using semantic HTML tags wherever possible. Here are some core concepts:

  • Inside a block you can define container elements and edge elements. All editable elements have to contain a pazly-editable attribute with various values, according to what editors you want to enable for these elements.

Using colors

Always use colors as classes. Pazly has its own color system that is constantly updated, and a good rule of thumb is to follow the class naming convention below:

Selling Online (Gumroad, Envato, Open Sea, etc.)

You set your own prices, your own item description. Please add a demo video on how your customers should use the template you make with Pazly.



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